Emily Graeme Ballard

from Crystal Springs, NY

Emily Ballard, 20, of Crystal Springs, NY, died honorably on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, during the Battle over the Catskills. Emily was born to James and Mary Ballard on April 19, 1997 in Warsaw, NY.

Emily grew up in the quiet town of Crystal Springs, NY and graduated from Highpond High School in 2015. She had been attending her second year at the Upstate New York Institute of Technology at the time of her death. Working for a degree in Physics, Emily is survived by her father, James, and her girlfriend, Jennifer Tiptree. She is remembered as not only a hero but a compassionate, honest, bold, and brilliant woman by her friends and peers.

In lieu of flowers, Emily’s family is requesting that donations be made to the Newer York Foundation, an organization responsible for community restructuring and rebuilding in the wake of last year’s world crisis.

Time of Ceremony:

5:00 PM Thursday, November 15 at the Crystal Springs Invasion Memorial Site