Emily Ballard

An absolute savant and total weirdo, Emily attended UNIT in 2017 with her friend Carrie when the Martians invaded. Tossed from military camp to military camp in the chaos, she made her last stand at the Battle of the Catskills as part of the Thunder Child squadron. Her technology put up a good fight against the invaders, but they won out, and Emily’s plane apparently blew up in their retaliation. But did she really die? If not, where has she been for the past year?


Jenna Tiptree

Emily’s girlfriend, a journalist who ended up stuck in a bunker underneath the Franklin Building at Lafayette University in NYC. She, like the rest of the world, believes Emily died in combat during the invasion. Will she discover the truth? Will they ever be reunited?


“Dr. Moreau”

This unusual-looking Martian effectively finds Emily on his doorstep. Will he treat his new guest with kindness? Is Moreau one of the invaders, or is there something more complex going on here?